Happy Belovely Day !


Let’s join with people in a celebration of Truth and Reconciliation, Solidarity, Respect for each other, History and the Future, building August 4th as a universal Day.

Be just one link in the chain and, happiness will go through all of us.

This is the way that brooks, and streams, tall oaks from little acorns grow becoming rivers, seas and oceans.

Economic difficulties, social inequalities, geopolitical tensions .. Symptoms of a world in profound imbalance…

Since humanity has to offer anyone the best of itself, everyone should enjoy in his interest – as in the interest of the world where they live – of a right of happiness.

The ‘Chain for Equity and Happiness’ let sound that together we can build a community connected by a universal culture of equity, hope and happiness.

With the ‘chain for Equity and Happiness’, born from of a visionary point of view, we can participate in the historical transformation of our society and make it better for future generations.


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